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Transfar Logistics is committed to installing “software” for China’s traffic network, constructing road-port urban logistics hubs for 170 cities all over the country, establishing “China’s Intelligent Road Logistics Operating System”, developing logistics big data and building “China’s Logistics Brain”; in the meantime, by means of applying internet, cloud computing and other information technologies and approaches such as supply chain financing, it has integrated the whole supply chain and become a leading platform that upgrades the logistics industry and creates a new ecology of logistics industry in China.
  • China Smart Highway Logistics Network Platform

    ag平台的正规网站  Through the construction of “A Network”, “A System”, “A Platform” and “A Piece of Cloud”, Transfar Logistics has formed the “Transfar Network”, the core of “China’s Intelligent Road Logistics Network Operating System”.

      Namely an urban logistics center network that covers the whole country; a whole-business operating system covering all scenarios in the supply chain installed on the nationwide road-port network; an open industry platform built based on connection to all parts in the industry; a “Logistics Brain” formed based on the operation of the platform and accumulation and application of logistics big data; driving force originated from data that facilitates intelligent operation of the country, cities and all sectors.

  • National Physical Highway Port Network Platform

    ag平台的正规网站  Transfar Logistics is one of the earliest enterprises that adopted the business model of platform operation and advocated system solutions for industry transformation and upgrade.

      As early as 2003, Transfar Logistics had already built the first highway port in China - Hangzhou Highway Port, and initiated "Highway port logistics service platform" model in China. So far, Transfar has implemented projects in more than 80 cities across the country, and deployed regional network layout in Zhejiang, Sichuan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Chongqing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Anhui, Henan, Hunan, Hebei, Guizhou, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia and 20 other provinces and cities. By 2022, the entire network layout is expected to be developed with 10 hubs and 160 bases. 

  • Achievement Value and Honor Recognition


      By far, the “China’s Intelligent Road Logistics Operating System” has been implemented in over 90 cities in China; it has provided service for more than 2 million trucks and drivers, 30,000 logistics enterprises and 200,000 consignor enterprises and reduced the average freight allocation time to 9 hours for trucks and lowered enterprises’ overall logistics cost by more than 40%. In the meantime, it has effectively relieved traffic congestion and environmental pollution, promoted optimization of urban management, conserved over 10 times of land resources and directly and indirectly helped 150,000 people get employed.


      Eventually, the “China’s Intelligent Road Logistics Operating System” established by Transfar Logistics will focus on providing services for the procurement of 50 million corporate transport capacity, efficient dispatching of 20 million trucks, rapid and orderly flow of 200 trillion supplies and the happy life of 1.3 billion Chinese, creating greater economic and social benefit.

  • ag平台的正规网站Transfar Logistics Development Stages

    Stage I: Based on national logistics distribution, align with regional economic structure, and move from regional to national, by quickly connecting distribution points into a network, thereby realizing online resources, digital network operation, and port interconnection. 

    Stage II: Through terminals, network and cloud, build China Smart Highway Logistics Network operating system, and promote formation of logistics ecosystem. 

    Stage III: Use algorithm-based smart warehouse and truck scheduling, to enable sharing and effective use of all logistics industry elements.

    Stage IV: Based on logistics cloud architecture spatial distribution and industrial cluster elements’ collaboration efficiency, serve national, regional and enterprise decision making, thereby promoting industrial cluster restructuring and upgrade.

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