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ag平台的正规网站Right at the beginning of the new millennium, Zhejiang Transfar Biological Technology Co., Ltd. focused on development of high-tech agriculture, making use of commodity crop seedlings to support farmers, leveraging high-grade flowers to lead plantation industry development direction,and to drive transformation and upgrade local agriculture. In recent years, relying on technology and management capability advantages, the company has entered into dendrobium candidum and other health food areas, and has become a key national high-tech enterprise and national spark program leading innovation enterprise.

ag平台的正规网站Born in the age of the internet, the newly founded Hangzhou Transfar Technology Service Co., Ltd. is based on shared economy and experience economy, to build China's first new agricultural B2B centralized purchasing platform. The company is the first internal start-up enterprise within Transfar Group, which leverages its platform advantage to discover and support agricultural science and technology makers. It has also become a member unit of the "Star World for Makers", the agricultural maker support program of the national Ministry of Science and Technology.


  • Seeds and Seedlings

    ag平台的正规网站We are the largest supplier of seedling products in the country. Our products cover more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, and have been exported to the United States, Japan, Spain and other countries. We are the first domestic enterprise to obtain the MPS certification in Europe.

  • High-grade flowers

    Transfar Flowers adopts modern biological technology at its core, and continuously cultivates new excellent varieties to lead the market.

    Transfar Flowers innovates using the gardening terminal model, building a 3-in-1 marketing platform of "Technology, market and service".

    We have also constructed flower cultivation bases in Zhejiang Lin’an, Sinchaun Chengdu, Yunnan Yuxi, Yunnan Fuxian Lake and many other places.

  • Dendrobium candidum

    We have integrated seedling sources, technology and marketing advantages, to build and form the dendrobium candidum system solution.

    ag平台的正规网站Transfar Flowers has grasped organic cultivation’s core elements, providing the public with "safe, healthy and effective" high quality end products.

    ag平台的正规网站We have built the Qiandao Lake Organic Demonstration Base to organic standards, and have provided services to farmers.

    Transfar Flowers had the first domestic dendrobium candidum production enterprise that has received EU organic certification, U.S. organic products, Japanese products and Global Good Agricultural Practices (GGAP) certification. 

  • Cultivate organic fruits and vegetables

    ag平台的正规网站Transfar has collected advanced domestic and foreign scientific and technological achievements, and has cooperated with Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. We have developed several kinds of new products successively, and have advocated a new technology to cultivate organic fruits and vegetables.

  • New agricultural B2B centralized purchasing platform

    Green Tech Place and the APP have have come to epitomize new agriculture characterized by ecology, intelligence, health and innovation, linking it to various types of B and C terminals of middle and lower-end small and medium platforms in the industry. These systems support resource sharing, to ensure quick and convenient B2B trade and aggregate other internet services, to accelerate development of technology transfer and facilitate growth of makers. 

  • Green Tech Show

    Green Tech Show experience park is a demonstration, training, communication and consumer experience platform supporting Green Tech Place. This compact space is a fusion of bio-sensors, robotics, creative design, regional culture and other new technology and new agricultural products. Agricultural practitioners can check samples, place orders and attend training, while consumers can have a complete hands-on experience, tasting delectable tea and have fun shopping.